Founded in 1977, Medical Clinic provides patients with expert allergy and internal medicine care in one clinic, in a comfortable and inviting environment.


Our allergy testing is tailored for Hawaii. We specialize in evaluating and testing for conditions caused by food and environmental allergens, including nasal, ocular, respiratory, skin, and gastrointestinal problems. We also help with medication allergies and insect venom reactions.

We bring the most advanced treatment and testing methods to our patients. Our treatment options include allergy shots, medications, cluster immunotherapy, drug desensitization, and other options tailored to your specific condition.

Primary Care

Primary Care at Medical Clinic provides patients with a broad range of comprehensive health services to address acute and chronic illnesses as well as health maintenance needs.  Primary care helps coordinate and link patients to specialty care when needed.  Our philosophy of care is patient-centered and focused on your overall well being.

Culture, Mission, Vision

Culture: We strive to provide personalized, evidenced-based care that best serves the unique needs of each patient

Patient education is at the center of Medical Clinic’s practice.  An educated patient is a healthier patient.

Mission:  We believe that patient to drive their own health.  We are here to guide your acute and chronic health.


To create a community that is educated on the cause and effects of allergies, where knowledgeable citizens can mitigate allergy discomfort and risk.

To create a healthy community that is educated in health maintenance and life choices.