Dr. Myrna Kuo Aiea Hours

Dr. Myrna Kuo will begin seeing patients in our Aiea location starting October 1st, 2017.  For office hours, see Hours of Operation.  Please call 808 523-1600 for scheduling.


Introducing Mandi Breyman, PA-C

Starting Sept 18, 2017, Mandy Breyman will be available at our practice locations. She is a Physicians Assistant who will help us provide extended hours and more coverage for your convenience. Please help welcome her to our practice.

Mandi is a physician assistant with 5 years of experience in clinical procedures and practices.  She has worked at Schofield Barracks responsible 700 beneficiaries, responsible for the planning, coordination, implementation, and supervision of medical operations and as a member of the Tripler Army Center (TAMC) PCMH.