Generic Lipitor Recall

Patients who are currently taking Lipitor have some major concerns about the recent recall on the prescription.  We want to communicate to patients who have growing concerns, what measures they need to take to make sure that their prescriptions are safe and what to do if not.

There is no recall on brand name Lipitor. Only its generic form, however, there are several companies making its generic form.

  1. Call the pharmacy you received your prescription from. Find out what steps they are taking for these recalls, and if the prescription you picked up is safe.   There is a certain lot number and date range that the recall applies for.
  2. Follow the news and online reports for the “Generic Lipitor 2012 recall”.

For any other growing concerns regarding this matter, we ask that you schedule an appointment with your physician in case any changes or adjustments need to be made. For any other general questions, concerns, or inquiries, please call us. Our numbers are located on our “Contact Us” page.


Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season

Have you been vaccinated with the 2012-2013 influenza vaccine? For our patients, chances are is yes you have been.  Some patients may choose not to, which is okay, however we strongly urge patients to get vaccinated, and this is why.

The Influenza virus occurs seasonally, from about October to May, while peaking January and February (  This virus is contagious, and can be spread through coughing, sneezing, or nasal secretions.  Typical infections usually last a few days and may be worse in children.  Symptoms include coughing, sore throat, fever, chills, headache, fatigue, body or muscle aches, and runny or stuffy nose.  It is suggested that all people over the age of 6 months be vaccinated.

We are currently offering the flu vaccine to current patients of our clinic.  If you are not a patient but are interested in becoming one, please reveiw our “New Patient Information” and our “New Patient Document” pages, or contact us for more information.  We suggest calling to make an appointment for the vaccine.  If we are unavailable to you at your convenince, local pharmacies are also offering the flu vaccine.  Call your neighborhood pharmacy directly to see if they are offering vaccines at their location.

Some additional preventative measures include:

  • Washing your hands with soap and warm water constently, as well as using alcohol based antibacterial hand sanitizers
  • Cover your nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing
  • Clean frequent and publically used surfaces with antiviral wipes.
  • Drink plently of clear liquids to stay hydrated
  • Get Vaccinated!

For more information, visit:

Happy Thanksgiving!

All of us at Medical Clinic, Inc. would like to take this time to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving. We are truly thankful for you visiting us, whether you be a current patient, a prospective patient, representative, friend, or visitor. Whomever you may be or where you come from, we appreciate you taking the time to learn a little more about our humble practice and what we have to offer. We hope that you find our website and services helpful, and offer any assistance with any questions or concerns that you may have.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
-Medical Clinic, Inc.


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