Dr. Myrna Kuo Aiea Hours

Dr. Myrna Kuo will begin seeing patients in our Aiea location starting October 1st, 2017.  For office hours, see Hours of Operation.  Please call 808 523-1600 for scheduling.


Introducing Mandi Breyman, PA-C

Starting Sept 18, 2017, Mandy Breyman will be available at our practice locations. She is a Physicians Assistant who will help us provide extended hours and more coverage for your convenience. Please help welcome her to our practice.

Mandi is a physician assistant with 5 years of experience in clinical procedures and practices.  She has worked at Schofield Barracks responsible 700 beneficiaries, responsible for the planning, coordination, implementation, and supervision of medical operations and as a member of the Tripler Army Center (TAMC) PCMH.

PCP Designation Form

Pardon the inconvenience, but starting this year HMSA requires us to send in a form to designate Dr. Myrna or Dr. Wang as your Primary Care Physician (PCP).

Would you please help us by filling out this form here.

Could you return the form either by

  1. email: medicalclinicinc@gmail.com
  2. fax:      8085260221
  3. mail:  1329 Lusitana St Suite 202 Honolulu, HI 96813

Thank you,

Dr. Sylvia Wang and Dr. Myrna Kuo