Vacation Notices

Dear Patients,

Dr. Sylvia Wang and Dr. Philip H.K. Kuo will be going away for vacation soon. Please visit our Announcements page for more information on the details.


Thank you!
Medical Clinic, Inc.


Warning: Protect your personal information


We hope your 2013 is going well for you thus far.  We would like to announce that there is a fraud or scam targeting elderly patients.  These callers will call, and say that they are from your insurance company, but will ask you for personal identification information such as you Social Security Number. Please be careful of the information that you communicate over the phone, and if you are ever asked for personal, important information over the phone, ask them to identify themselves, or hang up the phone. Please be aware that insurance companies, doctors office, banks, and other institutions will not ask for such identifiers.

For more information to protect yourself or your loved ones, please visit the FBI’s website article at :

Stay Safe,
Medical Clinic, Inc.